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In a perfect world, how would you spend your days? The truth is, as an entrepreneur you’re the boss – and you have the power to design a life & business that works for you. Together we’ll envision the next level offering of your business, create strategies and systems to elevate you from small biz owner to high-level CEO, so you can create exactly the kind of life you want.


As an ambitious business owner, you’ve already got what it takes. You simply need intentional & strategic support.


1:1 Business Strategy


Ready to stop exchanging your time + energy for money in your service-based business?  It's time to stop being the center of your business and start making  automated passive revenue streams. Inside this intimate container, we’ll envision the next level offering of your business and figure out exactly how to get you there. . Learn how to optimize your branding and marketing strategies, maximize your opportunities to make more sales, revenue and impact, and automate and systemize your business to flow without you being the center of it. 

Intentional Impact Society

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Take a 1-on-1 deep dive into your business with actionable advice to move forward. Whether you’re looking for expert feedback on your website, marketing, or campaign, or you want a personalized roadmap for your next phase, I’ll provide meaningful perspective to ensure your next business moves are purposeful and profitable.

1:1 Brand Strategy Consulting & Audits

Take a 1-on-1 deep dive into your business with actionable advice to move forward with purpose and support the kind of life you want. Whether you’re looking for expert support on envisioning the next chapter and offering of your business, needing insight on your branding, marketing, team growth,  or operations and systems, or feel ready for a personalized roadmap and a thought partner for your next phase, I’ll provide meaningful perspective to ensure your next business moves are purposeful and profitable. Receive individual support in your growth strategies to leverage your business and bring you more time, freedom, and revenue with a strong foundation for a legacy business meant to grow and withstand life's changes without you being stuck or the only driving force behind it.

“Before working with Chelsea, I was stressed out, overworked, and resenting what once brought me so much joy. She has not only leveled up my business, but become an amazing friend in the process. I’ve tripled my income, I have more time to myself, and I feel confident in my business again.”


Studio Noire Noir

“Chelsea not only gave me and my business new life, but the way she coaches, educates and supports me has given me newfound confidence and energy to keep running the business I love — and most importantly, given me the freedom to enjoy my life outside of work.”


Meikel Reece Coaching

“I knew what I wanted but had no idea how to get there. I was overwhelmed and struggling to set up systems for making my ideas a reality. I now have a very clear plan on my business, my clients, and my steps to move forward, and I feel prepared and confident in making choices.”


Hello Andrea Jo

"So far my biggest win has been allowing myself to take the journey mindfully so when I launch it fits with my life. I’ve been able to scale back my individual clients, move into speaking, and begin to brainstorm a thoughtful offering that will compliment the rest of my goals."


Lauren Ruth Martin LLC

“I was stuck and overwhelmed with so much to do for my business, and wasting time on things that weren’t serving me. Since joining Intentional Impact Society, I am more organized and intentional about what I’m doing. If you’re thinking about signing up this program, do it!”


Elite Performance Academy

“Before I started working with Chelsea, I had a lot of ideas but no direction, and I didn’t know how to market myself as a new business owner. Thanks to the Intentional Impact Society, I now have a clear plan and I feel like I am accountable for meeting goals within my business.”


Alyssa Booth - IPC

“She shares her genius with you in all areas of your business to help you grow, especially in marketing, branding, strategic growth and work-life balance. She is your thought partner, coach, cheerleader and friend. The best decision you will make is working with Chelsea, period.”


Cultivate Market

“I’m a very creative person and have a hard time with planning and organizing. Working with Chelsea has transformed my business by giving me CLEAR directions and insights on how to grow more effectively. If you want to make smart, substantial leaps in your business, Chelsea is your gal!”


Pri Bing - Wellness Coach

“Chelsea has helped me feel more confident and brave in my business. She has helped me understand how to better structure my time in a way that allows me to honor my humanity alongside my business. She is a great coach and mentor and I feel like I have gotten so much out of working with her.”




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